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App Store Optimization
App Store Optimization is a lot bigger than adding keywords in the app description and selecting the best screenshots. We help you gain visibility and witness high app downloads with our strategic expertise and unique approaches. It’s your time to rule the App Store & Play Store. Our team is dominated by engineers who understand how data and algorithms work. We do Growth Engineering. Our campaigns consistently outperform industry benchmarks.

Increase Your App Downloads With App Store Optimization


Are you tired of your app being buried in the app stores, struggling to get the attention it deserves? At mhgroups, we have the solution you've been looking for - App Store Optimization (ASO). We are your trusted partner in helping your app climb the ranks and attract more downloads than ever before.

App Store Optimization (ASO) holds the key to making you a success in the stores and we know how to get you there. Our team of ASO experts work on everything - right from app design and keyword selection to ASO content and app store marketing to ensure that your application ranks on top of the charts.

Our End-To-End ASO Service Offerings

Our team of optimization experts work on the end-to-end planning to monitoring process, ensuring that your application remains on top of the listings in its category and gets featured.

Keyword research
Our ASO team works in close connection with the market research and SEO team to identify the key phrases, keywords, and customer intent. We then use this data to make a list of intent and brand related keywords. The result? Your app gets ready to rank on the stores.
App title optimization
We understand that title is what the user sees first and what best describes your application. Our specialists create a unique title for your app which best aligns with the user intent and the solution that your application addresses. We make it simple for your users to know who you are.
App description
We understand that the app description should explain your application in its entirety. Our ASO writers create descriptions that don't just have the right keywords but also describe the application offerings to the market, ensuring that it ranks on charts, while giving your users an idea of what to expect.
App logo
App logo is probably the first thing users see when they look for apps in their preferred category. Our ASO team works with designers to create an app logo that compliments your brand model while also making your app logo click-friendly.
App screenshots
Our team of ASO experts assist you in capturing relevant app screenshots and videos that accurately describes your application and what the users can do within it. We also excel in designing the best representation of app screen designs that helps users imagine the experience they will get in the application.
App category
Choosing the right app category is a crucial element of app visibility. We spend time with you to understand your app, the problem it solves, the demographics it is looking to target and go on to find the best app category that aligns with that purpose.

Things You Should Know Before Opting ASO Services

Boost your impressions, click-through, and revenues with our app store optimization services India. We assist in increasing your app's visibility and search ranking in app stores by optimizing keywords, localization, and app rating. More visibility means more downloads and better chances of success for the app.

What is app store optimization?

App store optimization (ASO) is the process of improving the visibility and ranking of a mobile app in an app store's search results. It includes optimizing the app title, keywords, screenshots, descriptions, reviews and ratings, and other elements to increase visibility and downloads. It helps to increase the app's visibility and drive more organic downloads.

How does app store optimization work?

App store optimization (ASO) works by optimizing various elements of an app's listing in an app store, such as the title, keywords, screenshots, and description, to increase its visibility and ranking in search results. This can be done through keyword research, A/B testing, and making sure the app is properly categorized. ASO also involves encouraging positive reviews and high ratings, which can also boost an app's visibility and ranking in the app store.

Why is app store optimization essential?

Here are the reasons why is app store optimization essential:

  • Increases visibility of an app in app store search results
  • Helps increase organic downloads
  • Allows for targeting of specific keywords and demographics
  • Can improve app store ranking and boost overall performance
  • Helps drive more qualified traffic to the app listing

Who can use app store optimization?

App store optimization (ASO) can be used by anyone who has developed and launched an app on an app store, such as the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. This includes individuals, small businesses, and large companies that have developed mobile apps for iOS or Android devices. ASO can be used to improve the visibility and performance of an app within the app store, leading to more organic downloads and increased revenue.

Cost to get an app store optimization done?

The cost of app store optimization (ASO) can vary greatly depending on the services required and the provider. Some basic ASO services, such as keyword research and title optimization, can be done in-house at no cost. However, more comprehensive services, such as ongoing optimization, A/B testing, and localization, can cost anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per month.

How We Functional ASO Strategy For Your App Store Optimization

40% of smartphone users browse for apps in the app store. Therefore, your app store presence plays a crucial part in your app's success. The process of ASO marketing can benefit your organization in this regard. Our process at mhgroups is designed in a way, to maximize your profits. The salient features of our SEO strategy include:


Requirement and Competition Analysis

It's vital to first know your business and vision. Accordingly, set up your mobile marketing campaigns and take further steps. At mhgroups, we do these tasks for you as this is our first step. We recognize what you want and then launch a competitor analysis to analyze the market scenario.


Robust App Building

At mhgroups we help you build an app that's complete and performs on all platforms. If you have specific requirements, we take care of that too. Whether you need a hybrid, native, or web app, we got you covered. We help you develop an app that your customers will love!


App Title Optimization Services

These days complete optimization within the app stores is essential. We do this and more to optimize your app for better ranks on the app stores. Our app store optimization company in India takes a professional approach with every step we take.


Keyword Targeting & Optimization

When it comes to optimizing your application in the stores, then you want to make sure that you are using the right keywords. We can help you with these tasks and optimize your app for all app stores. With mhgroups, we deliver descriptions that aptly describe the services to your customers.


Optimized Ratings & Reviews

We provide quality services about reviews, ratings, or ORM services. We help you ace your ratings and reviews on the app store, and manage your reputation with your customers. A quality ASO company like ours makes sure that our efforts bring in new customers.


App Description That Sells

Another thing that you need to ensure that you are optimizing is the description. You should make sure that the description specifies some unique features so that it pulls people in. Our app store optimization services ensure that the description is done properly and your application is fully optimized and ready to use.


More Downloads With App Screenshot

Having the right screenshots as well as the right icon will draw more people into using your application. You should make sure that you are putting up some screenshots that show the unique features. We are a professional digital marketing agency that provides full-stack app development and marketing services for your business.


App Maintenance

We provide continuous ASO services for your apps. As long as you take our services, we provide complete support and maintenance of your app. We understand that app store optimization is a continuous process and we are committed to providing that for our clients 24/7.

Tool Sets That Ranks Us On The Top


App Store Optimization Strategies That Cement Your App Rankings

Our team of ASO experts put the best marketing strategies in place to ensure that your app ranks high in not just the app store and play store but also on the SERPs. We ensure that the app gets traffic from every platform, pushing users towards download of the application.


  • App Title
  • App Keyword Data
  • App Description
  • App Logo
  • App Screenshots
  • App Publisher Name
  • Category
  • Reviews & Ratings


  • Reviews, Updates, and Ratings
  • Through Press Release, Article, Blog Sharing etc.
  • Rich Text Sharing (Video, Infographic, Images)
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Optimization
  • App directories submissions

Promotion via
Social Networks

  • Participate in Q&A websites such as Quora, LinkedIn Answers, Yahoo Answers.
  • Engagement on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc.
  • Other social activities

Tracking of

  • By Paid and Free tools like Flurry and Play Store itself
  • By Google Analytics

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